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Port Forwarding

If you have a router, you'll need to forward ports. First, let me explain why you have to forward ports and even what are ports:

What are ports

Back in the 1970s, when the United States were developing a communication system called the Internet, they realized that they wanted this communication protocol to be widely flexible.

To accommodate different protocols, they invented ports. Port can be imagined as doors. Doors that close and open according to what protocol you use. For example, whenever you want to access hlds101.tk, your computer open the port 80 and let's the information pass through. Then, at the hlds101.tk server room, a router decides on where to lead the port 80.

That decision is done by port forwarding. Port forwarding is assigning to which computer to deliver a communication through a specific port.

Why do we need to forward ports on routers?
Routers are used to connect multiple computers using the same internet connection, without port forwarding, the router wouldn't know to which computer give the packets.

If I disable my firewall on my router, I don't need to forward ports, right?
Wrong! Firewalls just block ports as there are a lot of security flaws in Windows. And, you should never disable a firewall or use a unfirewalled computer!

I'm reaaaaaaaaaly desperate and I don't want to forward ports, can I bypass it?
You can do something called "Virtual DMZ".... That will open all the ports on the computer you choose, but be warned, install a software firewall on your server before you do that!

I don't have a router... What do I do?
You gently move your mouse to the navigation menu on the left and choose the next category! Modems don't require port forwarding because they connect directly to your computer/server.

Note for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 users:
If you are behind a firewalled router, please DISABLE the integrated Windows firewall. If it's the only firewall that protects you, please get a more powerful firewall (hint: ZoneAlarm)!


Now, what you need to do is access your router's web based configuration utility. (please refer to your user's manual if you don't know how!)

Next, you forward the following port:

  • 27015 | UDP

That's it, for help on forwarding ports click here and if users still can't join your server please forward the following ports:

  • 2710-27012 | UDP

  • 5273-5273 | TCP

  • 7002-7002 | TCP

  • 27020-27020 | TCP and UDP

  • 27015-27015 | UDP

  • 1200-1200 | UDP

  • 27000-27015 | TCP and UDP

  • 27030-27030 | TCP and UDP

Note: I haven't yet come up with an official answer as some people say that it's required to forward multiple ports. Logically, only the port 27015 is required. I've also tried seeking an official answer but Valve Software refused to reply.

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