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Welcome to HLDS 101

HLDS 101 is a website that will explain you in details how to setup your own Steam dedicated server.
Please also note that some instructions on this site are out of date. I'm creating a new version of the website to rectify the changes.


In addition to this, this website will also contain specific tips and information about the most popular Half-Life games (mods): Counter-Strike (CS), Day of Defeat (DoD), Team Fortress Classic (TFC), Deathmatch Classic (DMC), Opposing Forces, Ricochet and Half-Life (HL). You'll even be able to find information on how to setup online stats for your server and even Metamod plugins!

Training Videos

New training videos coming soon!

To start exploring the documentation available on this website click on the categories on the menu on the right! But I strongly recommend you to read form start to beginning and to read the sub-pages that are linked on the horizontal menus.

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