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sv_downloadurl is one of the coolest CVAR for players and administrators! This variable allows you to specify from which URL the players that don't have your custom resources (maps, sounds, models, etc.) have to download those resources. Traditionally, all your players had to download missing resources from your server, at a fixed and slow rate of 8kbps which sometimes caused lag. With this URL, you can host your resources almost anywhere and have your players download them at blazing rates of more than 100kbps without using any of your bandwidth AND those players won't take up a spectator slot on your server while downloading! Let's see how you have to do this:

  1. Make a list of all custom resources your server contains.
    Make new directories with exact names and copy the resource files in there (ex. /cstrike/maps/de_custom.bsp --> /maps/de_custom.bsp)

  2. Find a web host that would contain enough space for your resources.
    I'm not trying to be commercial here, but I offer hosting. I use great bandwidth and feel free to contact me to try out the speed, I guarantee that you'll be satisfied.

    Otherwise, if you'll be searching for a hosting company be very careful. There are many companies out there who offer outrageous deals and you may end up finding out that the speed is extremely slow or that technical support is lacking.

  3. Upload your resource files to the web host keeping the folder layout intact.
    Make a new folder on your webhost (ex. myresources) and upload the folders and files containing only your custom resources into that folder (ex. /maps/de_custom.bsp --> /myresources/maps/de_custom.bsp)

And now you finally have to edit the variable. If your web host would be www.example.com your CVAR would be like this:
sv_downloadurl "http://www.example.com/myresources/"

Also, remember that you need to host these resources somewhere. If you need a good place to host, I can help you out. Check out this thread.

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