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Paid Support

Paid support is a new technical support service offered by HLDS 101. It's an ideal choice for anyone who needs real answers for any problems.

HLDS 101's paid support will ensure that your problem is solved quickly and efficiently. By using paid support, you can be reassured that you will get the best answers from the most talented people that have a very advanced knowledge of HLDS, Windows and Linux.

The cost per case is 15$ USD and you'll receive technical support within 24 hours during weekdays. This amount is payable via PayPal and the payment can be achieved by clicking the button below this text. Within 24 hours, you'll be contacted through email and you'll be asked to explain your problem.

Please contact me via this form if you are interested.

Why use a paid support service?
Asking your problem in a forum is a good idea, however, not all people will provide you detailed explanation and most people will want to answer your problem as fast as they can just to get a post count! In addition to this, the explications received may be faulty and may even cause more problems to your server.

Why pay through PayPal? Can I trust that website?
PayPal has been recognized around the world to being the best way to transfer money through the Internet. In fact, most of the e-stores on the Internet use PayPal to transfer money. PayPal also provides a secure way to transfer your money by using the web's newest encryption methods.

Is my money refundable?
If your problem hasn't been solved, you'll be refunded 100%. Before that we confirm that your problem can't be solved, we'll undergo extensive research to ensure that you can return to enjoying your server as soon as possible.

Can I ask information related questions?
If you don't have a specific problem, you can ask informative questions. We can help you chose the hardware for your next server, explain step-by-step how to forward ports for your router and even explain important stuff you need to know before you start running your server.

Why should I trust HLDS 101?
For almost a year, HLDS 101 has been the best website on the Internet to provide specific information on creating a HLDS server. During this time, webmasters of HLDS 101 have been creating experiments and labs to gain knowledge. Paid support's goal is to use that knowledge and aim specifically at your problem.

Why does this site exist if you're having a paid technical support service?
This website is here to provide general information to users. We can't customize each page to suit one person's technical skills or network.

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