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About HLDS 101
HLDS 101 started as a project to help computer newbies set-up a HLDS server. Many questions were asked on the Steam Powered forums, but Valve never give an answer nor provided with official documentation, this is when HLDS 101 comes in.

The mission of HLDS 101 is to provide reliable information on how to setup a HLDS server. Information from many sources was gathered and tested before being posted onto this site and even clarifications were requested to Valve about certain things.

Since then, HLDS 101 grew larger and is now becoming an active website and features forums where users can discuss. With thousands of page hits per day and increasing, this sure is a great way to becoming the best known site about HLDS.

I think it's vital to tech people how to setup their servers as the Half-Life community is increasing daily and will even boom when Half-Life 2 will be released. Without server, there's no playing.

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