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Website's organization
To make this website easier to read and more efficient, I use some conventions as listed:

Text in the courier font
This marks text that would be appearing on the screen or a menu item.

  1. Go to File > New
  2. Start the console and the following text should appear:
    Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
    (C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

Text in courier bold
This marks something that must be entered in a console or dialog box.

  1. Press the start button, click on Run... and then type CMD.
  2. To see the list of users in your server type users in the HLDS console.

Text in italic
This convention is used to mark a specific file, CVAR or other object.

  1. The mp_flashlight CVAR is used to designate if usage of a flashlight is allowed in the Counter-Strike game.

Text in italic and bold
This convention is used to signify a "variable". This variable isn't an internal variable used by your computer but by you. The variables written in this convention are rather self-explanatory and provides you information by what you should replace that text. Variables are used because not all people have the same files, folders or settings.

  1. If you run Steam, the files used by HLDS will be located in this folder: C:/Program Files/Steam/SteamApps/YOUR_EMAIL/SERVER_GAME.
    In this example, YOUR_EMAIL means your email address used with your Steam account and SERVER_GAME means the name of the game that you dedicated server is running.

Used terms
Because nobody knows the official terms of HLDS, I invented my own system... Here a table showing the term and an explanation:


A Half-Life's mod. Example: Counter-Strike, Condition-Zero, TFC


Steam's dedicated server

Website's Navigation
This website uses menus as it's navigation components. There are two main menu types in this site:

Horizontal Menu

Vertical Menu

The Vertical menu is the one that you see on your left and it contains all main categories and sections that this website covers. The horizontal menu is different for each category you visit and it contains sub-categories and sub-sections.

Additional Information
To help you pursuit your knowledge in HLDS, most sections will contain icons that will allow you to access even more information on the subject of the section. There are four icons in total and here are their explanations:

When clicking this icon, you'll automatically download a (narrated) training video that will show you how to achieve the tasks indicated in the section above this icon.

By clicking this icon, a new window will appear and it will contain the section's text with additional information and even comments!

By clicking this icon, a new windows will appear and will contain answers to some questions that you may ask yourself. Please use this feature before posting in the forum for a question!

By clicking this icon, a new window will appear containing some common problems and solutions other people are experiencing. Please use this feature before posting in the forum for a question!

Important Windows XP Information
By default, Windows XP hides extensions for files. This causes a problem when you want to create a configuration files that uses the .cfg extension because the actual filename would be SOMETHING.cfg.txt.

To solve this problem, please follow the following steps:

  1. Go to "My Computer". (This is usually located either on your start menu or on your desktop)

  2. Open the "Tools" menu and click on the "Folder Options" menu item.

  3. On the newly opened Window, go to the "view" tab.

  4. In the options list uncheck "Hide extensions for known file types"

  5. Click OK.

To view a training video of how to do this, click here!


Training Videos
To help you setup HLDS faster and understand more what to do, some sections contain training videos. These training videos are Windows Media Player 9 files and are encoded with the WMP9 Screen Capture format for efficient use of bandwidth.

To play these videos, you need Windows Media Player 9 or Media Player Classic (an alternative to almost any media format!). Users have reported that videos are upside down if played on Winamp.

You are free to share these videos as long as you link back to this website.

Getting Help
HLDS won't always perform how you want it to and sometimes you would have a problem which you couldn't solve yourself.

There are several ways which you can get help. The best way is to post your problem in a detailed matter in a forum for HLDS. I recommend posting your problem in the HLDS101 forums and then, if you problem remains unsolved, to post it in the Steam Powered forums. Please remember to use the search function to see if your problem has already been solved.

Before posting on the HLDS101 Forums please make sure to read all the additional information binded to the section of your problem and to read additional categories on this site. Please use your logical sense when solving a problem.

 Because of the volume of visitors I get to this site, I won't be able to personally help you but I do occasionally visit the HLDS 101 and Steam Powered forums.


This ends the general information page, please continue to the Intro to HLDS sub-section. To do this, click on the horizontal navigation bar or click here.

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