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VNC is a protocol which was developed (and dropped) by AT&T laboratories. VNC allows you to connect to a computer and control it, just as you would be at it.

Because the VNC protocol is open sourced, there are many programs that can control it. Here, we'll use RealVNC from www.realvnc.com. Shall we start?

Please note that in these instructions, we set up VNC so that it's run as a service.


  1. Download the Windows binary version from www.realvnc.com. Click on the "download it now" link on the left menu, click on "Download & Use" below the Free Edition column, Press the red "Proceed to Download" button (No, you don't have to fill out the form". You'll then find yourself on the actual downloads page. You'll want to download the VNC Free Edition for Windows and you want to get the executable. When you click on the download button, you'll then need to agree to the terms of use and you'll then be able to download RealVNC.

  2. Double-click and install the program. Select to fully install and register the service (check on "Start the VNC service").

  3. When finished navigate, on your start menu, to the RealVNC program group and click on "Configure VNC service".

  4. In the configuration dialog, configure everything you need and click OK.

  5. Navigate to the RealVNC program group and press "Start VNC service"

  6. Go to your router and forward the TCP port 5900.

  7. Go to another computer and try to connect to your VNC!

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