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RCON is the remote administration protocol which was created by Valve. To access RCON, you must first of all enable it on your server by following these instructions:


If you're using the GUI HLDS then you simply can't start a server without specifying a RCON password, if you're on console, then you need to use a CVAR to specify the password.

Let's get started! Open up your configuration file called server.cfg and add a new line containing:

rcon_password "YOURpasswordGOEShere"

Just be sure to replace the YOURpasswordGOEShere text by your own complex and hard to guess password. Now restart the server by typing restart in the console or by closing and opening HLDS.

To use HLDS you must be playing in your server and you can give out HLDS commands by opening the console. First of all, you got to imput your password for the session by typing rcon_password YOURpasswordGOEShere and eventually replacing that lame phrase by your real password. When that's done, you can start giving out commands to the console by always prefixing rcon to your console commands and you can use any command as you would use on your console, here are some examples:

  • rcon changelevel de_dust

  • rcon users

  • rcon mp_flashlight 1

  • rcon say Hello, server here speaking!

  • rcon restart

  • rcon exit

And... There are also third party programs that are there to administrate your server through RCON such as HLSW. You can get HLSW from www.hlsw.net but you can also see a basic video on how to use it by clicking here:

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