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AMX Mod is probably the best plugin for HLDS out there! AMX Mod offers you the possibility to create your own plugins or use one of the hundred plugins already avalable on the Internet.

Note that this page only guides you through the installation process of AMX Mod X. If you wish to learn how to use it, you'll need to read AMX Mod's official documentation.

AMX Mod X is a Metamod plugin so the installation's procedures look pretty much the same from the instructions of other mods. Please note that before beginning the installation of AdminMod, you must have Metamod already installed.


  1. Download AMX Mod X
    Navigate to the official AMX Mod X download page and download the latest version of AMX Mod X. Make sure that you download the correct file, as there are different files for different platforms.

  2. Extract AMX Mod X
    When you have finished downloading AMX Mod X, you'll realize that the download is compressed. You know need to uncompress it. You can use your favorite extractor or you can use WinRar, which I highly recommend.

  3. Transfer your files to the server
    Using your provided method of communication (often FTP or Windows File Sharing), you need to transfer the AMX Mod X files to your server. You need to respect the folder structure and place the newly downloaded amxx folder into the Addons folder of your server.

  4. Edit plugins.ini
    If you've installed Metamod, you certainly have a plugins.ini file located in /addons/metamod/plugins.ini. Open up this file and add the following line:
    win32 addons/amxx/dlls/amxx_mm.dll
    Save and close this file.

  5. Restart your server
    Either close and open your server window, restart the HLDS service or you can even restart your computer.

  6. Enjoy AMX Mod X
    Installation is now complete and you can start enjoying the possibilities of AMX Mod X. You'll still probably want to read the official documentation to learn how to add admins.

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